Ana Lunática (ana_rosa) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Ana Lunática

sharing a little something..

My journey began when I stepped out of some manufacturing company I was working at, this was around april. I'd always jokingly say, "Hey, I'm gonna get dreadlocks..just wait and see." I was serious half of the time.
So I finally  made the decision around May when I went camping with a boyfriend at the time. I had stop maitaining my hair, by that I mean, stopped brushing and keeping it away from tangles. I started getting a few small clumps..and that's where it began.
During that camping trip, one of Johnny's(the bf at the time)  friends offered to do a lock on my hair. During this time his friend was telling me about his dreadlock experience in Argentina. He had his hair that way for about a year and a half before he gave in.

So here goes a hair timeline..

This guy gave me some motivation..frisco trip

April- My dreadlock mentality began here, during a reinassance fair(april 20th, ha)

April- Earth Day came along..and I was ready. I was never into making my hair straight or pretty so it was an easy start

May- After the camping trip I had two full size dreads that are always visible because they are located by my temples...except, I was a cheater around this time because it was easy to hide them with the I always had family talking nasty thigns to me.

June- around this time, I only had two full ones with tangles and enough straight hair to hide them..still unsure where I was going..anyway you can't really see it.

Skip July..

August- comes along and I break free and give my whole set of hair all my attention..this is the result.

I become dedicated..and proud.

September- not much was happening just seeing my babies grow little by little.

October- I decided to mix it up a little and cut some bangs..

November- From far you can't tell much but a big frizzball

November- This is up close..I also decide to wrap 'em up make 'em tight and pretty.

December- Still not there but I'm happy where they are.


December/ Jan- This position makes me happy.

Yep, very visible.

when its up in a pony

one of the different looks haha

My journey is gonna continue..I'll keep ya'll updated! thanks for the attention..I'm always open for suggestions. :D

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