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as promised.............!

ok. so this is my extremely massive timeline. this is no joke, sometimes i click on the ljcuts to 'extremely massive timelines' and theres like 5 pictures. this is a collection of media taken within the past year, most from webcam, some from cameras, and some are videos. this is going monthly and a bit before the dreads. just so we get some time going on here, i started this post at 8:51pm.


december 2007:

january 2008:

february 2008:

march/april? 2008:

these two months i was swimming daily on the high schools swim team, so those puppies were in the swimcap everyday. they went through some really strange things during this time and looked really odd..i still havent figured out if that was because of the chlorine, swimcap, or just the dreads doing their thing

may 2008:

june 2008:

july 2008:

august 2008:

september 2008:

october 2008:

november 2008:

december 2008:

january 2009:

and i finished this at 10:03pm. ;]
ily guys!<3
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