bobandiarepals (bobandiarepals) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Grandma, NO!

I was at my aunt's house two days ago and my grandma made a comment that Barack Obama was going to outlaw dreads on white people. I literally just started laughing out loud because she was totally serious. That very morning, my dad told me that these two comedians (Bob&Tom) on the radio were joking and saying that he SHOULD outlaw it since the comedians didn't like white people with dreads.
Silly grandma. That scares me that she'd think a president would legislate hairstyles. HAHA. I explained it to her and told her that no, the first black president isn't going to "keep those whites in their place."
I also overheard an old guy in my hometown saying that he didn't trust that Obama guy because he's got connections to the mob in Chicago. And this guy knows, because he used to work down there (in the 50s). WHAT???

Dreads, 10 months.

Me at wintermas for some relief from text-only (what do you fellow atheists call it??):

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