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i decided to comb out my frontest 3 dreads. i was totally missing having bangs! i've been contemplating doing it for about a week, and today, my 2 small dread bangs were getting on my last nerve. i really just didn't like the way they sat. i was always just putting them back with a bobby pin and i was sick of wearing the same hairdo every day.

this is what they looked like before. you can see how weird one of them fell.

right after they were combed out. and the biggest ball of hair!

and after a shower

also, i'm pretty stoked because my ponytail is feeling a lot thicker these days! but i don't have any pictures to compare it to because i never took any pictures with my hair up during the first month or so

and i have the weirdest bald spot where my dreads were horribly sectioned. i'm thinking about combing a few out and re-doing them so there isn't a void there anymore. or does anyone have any suggestions? i need to do something with that area.

that's all for now!
i hope everyone has a wonderful day! :]
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