i've been fine disregarding my insanity. (bonesofwar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
i've been fine disregarding my insanity.


sooo it finally happened. i have lice and i am NOT a happy camper. 
i treated it today with rid and it didn't kill all of them. i'm going to treat my head with something else tomorrow and hopefully that'll work.
if not, i will treat the next day and the day after that until the end of time because there is no way i am cutting my dreadies off.
i took all the extra precautions (washing everything, spraying my mattress and car seats with lice control spray, etc) and will continue to every time i treat my hair.

but let me tell you, lice are a pain in the ass and i want the bastards to die a painful death for making my head feel so gross.

i also had a question about getting rid of nits. there was a post about it in the memories, but the question wasn't answered very clearly. has anyone found an effective way to remove nits after you kill the adult lice?

and so it's not text only:

they're almost 3 years old! i know i've posted this before.. i really need to take new pictures. maybe after this whole lice disaster blows over.
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