lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

so the dreadhawk i started on liquordrums is doing beautifully, but one tiny short dread didn't hold. he knew that was a high possibility, as that dread was at the edge of his 'hawk & the hair had been a bit hacked into by clippers. so i said i'd re-backcomb it when he came over next, just to keep the hairs from being absorbed by other dreads, but it may or may not hold until the hair gets longer.

then this conversation ensued:

[raven] I'll try to remember to wash with dish soap before I come over to make him extra ornery...
[lish] eh not really necessary, that's VERY drying & your hair's already rough from bleach
[raven] fair enough, then
[raven] I was just surprised at how soft he was when he fell out...
[raven] heh
[ldaelnar] yah it happens, but you don't want to destroy your hair or it'll never survive getting long
* raven pauses
[lish] hahahahaha
[lish] wait
[lish] wait
* raven rereads what he just typed
[raven] *facepalm*
[lish] ahhahahahahaha
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