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¿quieres dreads?

I've posted once before about a set of natural dreads I started. They lasted about a month or two before I combed them out due to less than perfect sectioning.

I spent a week in Puebla, Mexico during the holidays and got to stay in a very cultured part of town. There were the typical mercados, but some of them seemed to have a large amount of 'tribus urbanas.' They referred to themselves as rastas. I was browsing when someone asked me if I wanted dreads. I thought to myself, of course I do, but how did you know? I must have been staring... I had seen a handful of people with locked hair there, especially in these markets, but it wasn't common. I told him to let me think about it, but after exploring for a short time I decided I needed dreads back in my life. I went back, sat down, and he went to work :)

I obviously couldn't see what he was doing, but it appears that he was using some sort of crochet hook maybe? My face says it hurt!

I decided that my whole head wasn't an option at this point in time, with my living situation. I combed out my entire last set by choice, leaving one. My dad asked that I remove it also. I decided I had given him enough grief in my teenage years with my crazy-colored hair, so I could cut him some slack and do that for him. We have a really great relationship and I didn't want to fight about something as silly as knots.

I got a great deal, 1 for 35 pesos or 2 for 50! He said he would have done my entire head for 300. Less than $30 bucks? Yes please! I wish.

The first one is much shorter. I'm guessing part because of technique and part because he rounded the tip before I got a chance to tell him I liked them free.

His friend had a different technique: it's definitely knotty but looks braided in some parts. I'm excited to see them develop. For science!

I'm just amazed at the texture my hair has, they feel like ropes! I was worried they would be the fluffy new dreads I generally see and would get tangled in the rest of my nappy hair.

Everything finished! I had a pretty intense headache after the experience. I'm so glad I went through with it, we had a great conversation and it's a wonderful souvenir!

3 days old now. Considering the texture, I felt comfortable washing them. I use Dr Bronners as shampoo about every two or three times I wash my hair, and a fruity conditioner that my girlfriend likes. Conventional, no, but it works for me :]

And just because I've seen a ton of stretched members here, it appears my dreads are at 9mm :D

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