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1 month!

I just recently posted videos and such, I hope I'm not posting too much.. I'm just super excited about the whole process. Well, the actual starting of the locks was done over the span of a week but we started everything off on December 7th so.. happy 1 month to me! Pictures under the cut and a question, featuring my favorite little lock..

Also, a question. My bangs are loose and there are some face framing pieces on the sides.. I wanted to color my bangs but I can't decide on a color.. maybe something funky like pink or blue, but I don't want it to clash with the brownish red on the rest of my head. Any ideas? Eventually when my locks are mature enough to handle it I want to bleach them halfway down so they're like red/black on the top and fade into a bleachy blonde.. but I think I might just bleach my bangs out at that point. Would it look weird if I bleached my bangs now and kept them blonde? Oi, I can't decide.

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