ghengis_kunt (ghengis_kunt) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

this post is deticated to the mistreatment of my friends dreadlocks,
they were created by someone who had no idea, using the knotty boy method.
i recently cleaned up a bit the loose hairs  for her with a crotchet hook.
pulling and pushing the crotchet hook through her locks was really difficult because there is probably enough wax in the middle of her dreads to make a candle.
basically its my job to make her hair good again, combing them out isnt really an option..

I'm going to be trying the deep clean that i found in the memories, i was also thinking of getting a toothbrush out, and some dish detergent, good idea? bad idea? doesn't hurt to try?
heres a picture of her dreads, well.. her. and her dreads, and her ex, drunk haha.

her dreads are nearly a year old, maybe a bit more? maybe a bit less? i dont know.

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