Steven (chemicalpilate) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


I was having coffee this morning with a friend. We were sitting outside the cafe, at a table on the sidewalk. A white VW hatchback pulled up to the curb and two women got out, one of whom had long, wild dreads. "Nice dreads", I said from my chair. She smiled, said thanks, and they walked down the street. About fifteen minutes later they came back to their car, but the same one walked up to me and handed me a bead. "This is for your locks." "Thank you!" She got in the passenger side and we waved to each other as they drove off down 30th St.

I don't like buying spiritual things for myself; it feels wrong. Gifts, though, feel right. This will be my first addition.

Throw sparks, kids. You never know what you'll touch off.

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