Geeky Valkyrie (geminibalance) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Geeky Valkyrie

Ready for a wash?

1 week old: Front

My baby locks are 1 week old today. I spent the last two days going over each lock with a flea comb, tightening each one root-to-tip to eliminate weak, soft, or undreaded spots. I keep the comb at my desk, where I absentmindedly backcomb loose tips while I surf the web or play WoW.

I know a time will come when I have to stop fiddling with them and just let them go. I'm wondering if I should try to crochet all the loose hair in first, or let it dread up and lock in as they mature.

It's been a week and they're only a little itchy and not smelly or icky yet at all. Do you guys think they can handle their first wash?

If so, should I dunk my head in a bucket of soapy water? Pour cups of soapy water over my head? Or should I try standing under the shower and just being very careful? I see posts all the time about deep cleaning, but I rarely see any about simple washing. Pointers are greatly appreciated!

1 week old: Front

I love how my natural highlights and lowlights come out in the dreads!
1 week old: Right

1 week old: Left

1 week old: Back
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