Goes well with chocolate & peanut butter. (erikaerin) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Goes well with chocolate & peanut butter.

I had planned to go out to the west coast this spring to hang out with the fabulous sciontific and get some maintenance done by lishd. With layoffs happening at the hubby's job (fortunately, he was able to keep his position) and then having them screw all the guys out of their end-of-year bonus, I realized that trip wasn't going to happen.

I desperately need some maintenance on my babies. They're over 2 years old and never really had proper maintenance. My sister helped me out a bit with them when we separated and combined over a year ago, but that was it.

Along comes a post a little while back looking for fellow dreadies in Vermont. I found meowkat and she only lives about 30 min. away! She no longer has her dreads, but had a killer set for over 4 years! She's such a sweetheart and is going to drive down to my place tomorrow to give my babies some love, share a meal with us and I'm going to help her get started on her wedding album. I can't wait to meet her!

So, for fun and also for "before" pics, I took some pics this afternoon. I had been doing a pretty good job of keeping them separated, but this past August and September, I ended up with 8 weeks of staph infection, med allergies, 6 weeks of scarring hives and other fun bacterial and fungal infections that caused me to just lay around in pain all day and my roots webbed together in the back. They need some serious love.

I do have shirts that don't have holes in them, but this one happens to be one of my favorites, even though the elbows busted out a long time ago. I like to wear it when I'm painting. I can't bear to part with it yet. I like to think of this shot as a "tattered angel." :)

I took this one in July. I can haz pigtails.

I'll make sure to post "after" pics when meowkat finishes. :)
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