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i have been wanting to extend my dreads for some time, and now felt like the right time. i do not recommend this tutorial for people whose dreads are under 6-9 months old. you need to have a good base of knots to be able to attach extensions. i also highly recommend a "test dread" or two for any changes to your dreads, just to see how your hair takes to a new procedure.

human hair (can be purchased if you don't have some)
a sturdy flea comb
a steel crochet hook (1.15-1.5mm)
dye (if you like)

here is what a weft of human hair extensions look like:

here is what a weft of human hair extensions looks like on my cat:

first thing you want to do is cut a small section of the banding at the top of the weft. the size of the section depends on how large your existing dreads are. estimate and practice to figure out what your sections should look like.

i attached the sections to an old stool using a pushpin, but you could have a friend hold the end or come up with another creative solution to stabilize the end.

backcomb the hair.

palm roll the hair.

do this as many times as you need to do to have enough "new" dreads to extend your old ones. the pile should look something like this.

now it's time to dye them! i wanted platinum ends so i can play with color. i bought two boxes of hair dye: one for my actual hair, and one to dye the "joint" between the old dreads and new dreads.

aim to have the dye cover the entire outside of the joint. don't mash the dye inside the dread.

do this for all your dreads. it will look like this when you are done.

let the dye sit for as long as the box tells you to. then wash the pile of dreads.

they will be fuzzy.

so we will crochet them.

leave the joint uncrocheted, we will want the loose hairs later to crochet into your actual dreads. at this point, you can cut off the weave track and blunt the ends of the dread with your crochet hook.

then carefully crochet the new hair into the old dread. be careful not to break the hairs. when you are done, you should be able to pull on both sides of the joint very hard and not have the dreads separate. palm roll. if you do a good job, the joint should become practically invisible to the eye.

do this for your entire head of dreads.

this is what my hair looks like now!

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