Nicole (simply) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

alright, for those of you that dont like, stalk me... i was having some thinning problems with a front dread and decided to comb the two in the front out and make bangs. it took me a little over 4 days from the initial snipping of the dreads to clean and cut. some of the following pics are blurry, but they didnt look that bad on the camera while i was taking them.

this is the one on my right, the one that was thinning.

the left dread, the much thicker dread. that one took a long time to take out.

right before i cut them- i was so nervous, it took me like 3 hours of sweating and calming down before i could cut them.

ahhhhhhh no going back now

close up of the LINT in my hair... its not mold, my boyfriend is WELL versed in fungus, and this is just lint. it doesnt smell, but my almost black hair shows it pretty good :(

all combed out (that HURT! the parts near the scalp were so painful) and i am wearing an open ended hat that KT knitted me (more pics in a few days kt i promise)

all washed and cut, i cut them way too short but whatever they grow right?!

hope you all love seeing pics of me where i am in dire need of an eyebrow plucking and an upper and lower lip waxing (i grow facial hair like im an old lady... i blame all the years of hormonal birth control)

taken this morning, i need to do a ton of work to my hair, get all the loose stuff back in, but i like it

i squint cause i care... i just woke up.

thats all for now, ill update again next week when i dye it and then go out for my birthday! LOVE!
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