sugar magnolia (lauranonymous) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
sugar magnolia

i found another picture from the winter solstice celebration that i posted about before and i thought it was cool that you could actually see one of my little skinny dreads chillin out on my shoulder.

most of the time my super-skinnies are hidden under the rest of my dreads, but sometimes they make an appearance.
i've toyed with the idea of combining some of them with other dreads because i much prefer fatties, but most of the skinny ones are so loopy i don't know if it would be possible.

my brother's hair-dresser girlfriend cut my bangs, i think i'm a fan.

my sister was doing one of those henna hand-stencils on my butt.
maybe i'll post the other pictures on naughty_knotty . haha.

i've been working lately on trying to look more intimidating so random people will stop talking to me, but i don't think it's working...a lady came up to me in the mall the other day and started touching my dreads and telling me about her sister's boyfriend's cousin or some such nonsense. i feel so squirmy when random people touch me, it makes me want to literally run away.

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