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Splitting dreads

A guy has asked me to sort out his dreads for him, but before I went wild I just wanted to see if you guys had any info you could add. There is a post in the memories about splitting 1 year old locks into smaller ones using ripping and scissors which is useful.

The guy who wants me to split his has 3 year old locks, and they seem pretty damn tight. Are there any other tips you could add to the info I already have?

My thoughts were to attempt the ripping and scissors, and if that didn't work just to undo the fatties completely and start over. What do you think?

EDIT - Forgot to add, a girl recognised me from this community on the weekend in a club in Leicester, but I unfortunately have forgotten her name! It was the first time this has happened, and was awesome! So hello to you out there! Comment so I know who you are! :D
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