noanomie (noanomie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Strings Out!

I taken the strings out that were at the base of my dreads woo! Very glad I did that.
Here they are

As I expected the hair that was under the string is not dreaded so I have some completely loose spots (not just loops on one side). I think I'll just leave them and see what happens because i don't think there;s a lot that can be done anyway. They are too thin and young to do a "transplant", and I can't backcomb the loose spots for obvious reasons.

I found another loose spot a bit further down another dread and I experimented with rolling it around between finger and thumb to knot it up some more. I can see this spot turning into a chunky lumpy affair, which is fine but I'm not sure if I want chunky lumps around the top of my head. So I think leaving alone and seeing what happens is the best plan. Any further thoughts on this much appreciated.

Also I have discovered something else. The hair above where the strings were (nearer the root) seemed to have dreaded nicely, but I think it's more on account of fluff and gunk getting caught above the string and not washing out (yuck!). So these bits are loosening up as well following a wash.

Fiiiinally, I have maybe 50 dreads, all of which are pretty skinny (bleached hair = thin) Combining is certainly an option, although not until I have my job in Korea (this is very important to me and I will sacrifice the dreads if absolutely necessary, call me lame but that's my plan) . Of course if the hair is no prob with the job I will gladly start combining and get some fatties!

woah look at the loose spots! :)


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