gillthepunk (gillthepunk) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Right. I have read the memories, several times. I promise.

My dreads are over 4 years old, and generally doing pretty well. They're bleedin' long (they've grown about 2 inches in the last year!), and as tight as can be expected for ones as thin as mine. By which I mean they're good 'n' tight but don't feel hugely hard everywhere when you give 'em a good squeeze.

My problem is loose hair. This hasn't been too much of a problem for some time, it was around the 1 year mark but it seemed to sort itself out a bit after some dreadballing and a good root rub. When I noticed my loose hair getting a bit bad about 7 months ago, I repeated this but it just seems to have compounded the issue. I suppose I might have overdone it a bit with the root rubbing and broken some hair, which has now grown longer to become wispy and irritating. So what now? I tried crocheting them a few years ago, and maybe I wasn't doing it right, but it looked really "sewn" and I could see little bits of undreaded hair weaving in and out of my locks. I didn't like it and unpicked it all in the end. I've bought felting needles, but the length of my dreads is fine, there's not a lot of hair sticking out and I don't mind what there is. It's all about loose hair from the root. I've started doing salt water rinses but my hair feels all lovely and soft! There has been talk of using a big blunt needle, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it...

I'm not intent on having super neat locks (the fact that I've had them 4 years should probably demonstrate that), and I've never bothered with any huge amounts of maintenance before. I just want them to be relatively tidy, for work and what have you. I think the loose hair is caused in part by the time I over-rubbed the roots a bit, and I've moved to a different part of my city and I think the water's different so it's leaving my hair smoother or something.

This is a few weeks ago, it's worse now around the front, and there's more loose hair that isn't just on the hairline too. Please excuse the carrier back on my head, I was dying my ends red at the time.

So, I appeal to you lovely dready people, who make me so happy. What can I do?!
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