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30 Months (2.5 years, 912.5 days)

So my dreads turned 2 and a half on January 13th.

Around Halloween 2008

Summer 2008 at my old job.

January-ish 2008 shortly after I cut my long dreads. They're 1.5 years here.
One of my boyfriend's favourite pictures of me. I have since taken out the labret.

December 2007 before the cut. I cut my dreads for two reasons. I tried to separate one
and failed, leaving one dread really short. The bleached portions are very badly waxed
(as you will see) and were driving me crazy. So, I cut them off.

This is when they were at a year. A friend of mine dyed them for me.

11 Months.

At 6 Months, I dyed the tips pink. Note that I stopped over-plucking my
eyebrows. Yikes.

Badly waxed at 3 months.

This is the funniest one. I'm sure this was taken a day or two
after they were "done". I didn't even have my septum done yet.
Note the roots and how they have grown.

This post is for the people who lose total faith in their dreads. Believe me, I've been there.
Dreads change. Sometimes they need a little help, or cutting off the waxy parts, but they do.
Patience is the greatest thing I have learned through my dread experience. I've changed as a person
and my dreads have reflected that and changed along with me. Although sometimes I feel awkward
when people say things like, "If I had dreads, they would be skinny" I just look in the mirror and think
about how attached I am personally to my dreads. I wouldn't change them for anyone.

Since getting dreads, I have
+ gotten my septum pierced
+ broken up a three year relationship
+ started a one year relationship that hasn't
finished yet
+ gotten my driver's licence
+ graduated high school
+ moved away from home

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