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so long time no internet but i am back with pictures a go go.

 i hope you all had a fantastic new year. fancy seeing what i've been up to? more to come when i locate them...

on an unrelated but utterly splendiferous note me and a friend are going Athens next week any of you beautifuls living over there or know of any squats over there?


these are from an event i helped organise called  HAPPY SATURDAY. twas a grand night, apparently a good time was had by all but i cant say i remember much...

me and Pickles, he was the co-manager of the night and by 'co' i mean he did everything whilst i sat around being bossy with a clipboard.

heres Paul from the band the autonomads (check em out on myspace if you happen to like EXCELLANT music) i helped start his dreads about a year ago.

me and some beauties

Daaave in the carpark practicing

how bloody short my legs are.

kay, daaave n me.

alex giving me a rather creepy look

from the band the john player specials. go check em out!

me and ian

the very first time we came up with our new band; Sheeb And the Rank Amateurs

SEX ON LEGS umm i mean Dave :P

the mornings after.




think i was out of pictures? WELL YOU WERE WRONG THEN WERE'NT YOU. :P

so we got a new squat, a small block of flats affectionately nickenamed faulty towers. you can just about make me out in thsi picture.

new years at the squat

cocktails in salsa jars. just dont get classier does it...

i dont have a clue what that facial expression is about.

Alas we had a bit of a landlord crowbar incident and eviction day came.

but whats an eviction without tormenting the landlords :P

can you spot me?

more pics up soon, from greece and the new place (we've now squatted a care home just outside of manchester...)


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