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Quick Question

Hello everyone!

I was browsing the 'combining dreads' in the memories. Saw the methods & only understood one [the easiest one]. What I chose to do is a mix of what I want and what's in the memories. I'm going to braid the smaller dreads, but not all the way up. I'm keeping my fork at the tips.

The only thing I was curious about is lasting effects. I've already started - haven't finished searching for dreads. In doing this, I'm really just sort of going to neglect these forked ends and focus on the root. Do I chance losing any of my forks? I like the idea of a fork. I have two of them that are duos because they grew thin. I did my first trio this morning.

In short, I want thicker dreads. I love my dreads, but I have ALOT and some of them are thin & I know they won't lock.

Also, I'm considering growing my hair out and starting my hair over with bigger sectioning. In terms of a 'professional look', I might look messy for a time. Right now wouldn't be the best time for it because I'm trying to find a job. But mine were started with wax and I want to do a deep clean, but also because sin_aesthetic  has these GORGEOUS thick locs that are EXACTLY like the locs I saw as a little tike that made me want them so eagerly for this past decade. So I do want to go thicker. I have been told that what I have looks awesome, but I want them thicker. Maybe not as THICK as Sin's dreads, but locs that are at the VERY LEAST half the size of her dreads.

I'll insert photobucket links to my hair currently [messy as it is]:

So yeah. Long post short, I'm concerned about effects of half-braiding & fork neglect and considering 1 of 2 ways to thicken my hair. Either "grow & combine' or grow it out more and chop/start over.

Any suggestions/comments?
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