Geeky Valkyrie (geminibalance) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Geeky Valkyrie

Aah! I just got my first compliment from a stranger! :D

I've been expecting the **elbow nudge** "Hey, look at that!!" in WalMart. I got that.
I've been expecting the "Hey, mon!" I got that too... from a friend. ;p
This is something I did not expect...

Walking through the mall, I pass a kiosk demoing and selling curling, crimping, and flattening irons. Predictably, the guy running the booth tries to catch my attention, hoping to make a sale. He's a tall, bald, black guy with an accent I can't quite place... Nigerian? I'm amused that a bald dude was selling curling irons. ;p

"Excuse me, Miss? May I have a moment of your time? I want to show you something amazing!"
I tell him I appreciate the offer, but his products won't do much for me anymore.
"If you don't mind my asking, why is that?"

I grin shyly as I tug my knit hat off my head, unveiling terribly staticky, terribly fuzzy baby dreads.

His mouth hangs open for just a moment, and then a gigantic grin spreads across his face. "Wow! You look amazing!" I'm terribly flattered. I'm quite certain I blush as red as my sweater. He quizzes me a bit, asks me how long it took me to start them and how old they are, and did I do it all by myself. I tell him no, it took about 15 hours to get them started, they're three weeks old tomorrow, and I had help from my boyfriend. His grin gets bigger and bigger. "Gee, wish I could sell you one of these, but you're beautiful without them."

I am totally flattered and completely blown away.. I feel special. Someone just told me my gnarly, nappy, fuzzy babies are beautiful. Wow! **gigglesqueal**

Super fuzzies!!

Pho and French coffee make the best hangover cure!!!

My hat! I experimented with leaving a few babies out but eventually tucked them inside the hat... hence why the guy didn't know right away I had dreads. ;D
My hat!

Quick question! I have some awesome shots I'd like to share with naughty_knotty, but I need to make some friends here first who can vouch for me as part of the application process for the community. My journal is friends-locked only because I will be a teaching assistant this semester and I don't want undergrads discovering all my private details. If you're interested in making a new friend, leave me a comment and I'll add you. I want to get to know some of you better anyhow. ;D

Speaking of naughty, here's a fully-clothed and totally work-safe, yet still naughtyish photo from the club the night we finished making my dreads!

Dancing with the hubby to NIN's "Reptile." We were ah...feeling the moment. ;p
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