franchesca (chescaleigh) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

loc knots photos and tutorial

wow...i've been a posting fool lately eh?
Today’s hair comes from one of my favorite youtubers, Shawnta715’s loc knots video

I added my own spin on Shawnta’s loc knots by doing a basket weave and then the knots in the back. Shawnta’s video is a little long, but if you fast forward to the 4 minute mark, that’s where the tutorial actually begins.

If you notice in the photos of my loc knots hairstyle, my roots are EXTREMELY manicured and tight. I actually followed another youtuber, blaqueindigo’s twisting technique last night and I really loved the results. here's a link to her video :

Instead of twisting and clipping, she twists her roots into mini bantu knots to secure them. It took me a little over an hour using this method (mind you I was watching tv at the time) and I’m thrilled with the results. Not to mention I didn’t need to use clips, which was a huge relief. I know it looks kinda painful from the photos but it’s actually not very tight at all.

PS. YES I’m wearing a youtube sweatshirt. ugh. I got it in LA when I won the red carpet contest and ever since it started getting “cold” here in Miami, I’ve been wearing it almost everyday. It’s incredibly nerdy, but oh so comfy and warm.
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