lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i've had a couple of interesting hair clients this month. click each name for a pictorial.

loren had 76 young dreads, which were too much upkeep and too skinny for him. i combined the majority of them for him. additionally, loren had gone twice to a place that wrapped string around the base of each lock, which is a false maintenance that damages dread development. in the pics on my site, you can clearly see the weak spots caused by the tight banding. fortunately, i was able to rectify many of these areas through the combination technique i invented.

marley's friends had tried to start dreads on her 3 months ago, but with no planning and no experience. she hadn't touched them since they were started. i first had to separate out the dread masses which had grown into huge tangles at her scalp, then i sectioned & created new locks from the rest of her hair.
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