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an odd assortment.

(it's worksafe.)

i realized the other day that i don't ever recall seeing what my dreads look like underwater. so i changed that. :D

they look better when soaking wet, lol.

i also had a birthday!

what i did with my dreads for the celebratory outing:

this image won't appear resized and rotated like it's supposed to...?

i don't have many pictures of the actual party itself, but it was a mad blast. this is a friend of mine who helped me have one of the best birthdays ever.

me + another friend.

aaandd a couple pictures from today:

all my auburn has washed out for the most part and my roots are getting kinda serious again. =/ i've been reading the memories regarding henna for dying dreads, and i think that may be what i'm going to do from here on out. i'm really tired of using chemicals in my hair, to be honest. from all the images i've been looking at lately, it seems like finding or adjusting to the shade i want would be quite feasible, since i've been striving to achieve a more natural reddish-brown color.

i'm playing around with the idea of getting one of my roommates acquaintences who's a photojournalist student to do a photoshoot with me... i'm tired of taking bad pictures, lol. plus, i'd really like to have some better quality documentation of my dreads for sentimental reasons. iknow there's a number of folks on here who actually model, but have any of you dreadheads arranged a photoshoot for your own sake? do tell, if so.

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