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My riddle dreadlings turned one on the 29th of December so as promised I have a timeline for yall.

It would have been earlier but I got back to Australia yesterday after being in England/europe for 3 months.

THUS this is a half time-line and half oh-my-god-look-at-what-i-have-been-doing post

In the beginning! I decided to finally take the plunge while I was a woodford folk festival here in aus. Unfortunately it rained for almost a whole week nonstop so I had to wear them up most of the time for their first week. This created a kink half way down the dreads for half their life so if you can help it DONT do this!! I had no choice.

After one month. If I could do anything again it would really be the whole tying my hair up all the time thing!! It so hot where I live so its hard but oh well

I worked out that i could tie some from each side behind my head and tuck all the others up over.

Looking ever so happy now that all of my hair has been dreaded (originally i left so at the front thinking i would make a fringe but i chickened out and just dreaded it all.

Beginning to really look like dreads in the right light

Month 3! As I said, right kinda light

There is a big break in my photos from here for awhile

i think this is like 6 months...... Dressed as captain jack sparrow for a movie star party

And im sorry but time flies when your having fun so thats about it until my holiday photos.

Ranging from 11 months to 13 months.

In Berlin at the Jewish war memorial

Dublin Zoo

having a fresh pint at the Guinness Brewery.

Skating open air in Edinburgh on New Years

At Sterling Castle on New Years day..... it may look like i dont seem hungover but i think im in a fun coma.... completely unresponsive

Face painting for new years. I just like the glimpse of my hair in the back ground

Heyyyyyy whatchu looking atttt?????? I am doing some SERIOUS detox now that I am home.


After seeing the Blue man group

Right thats enough for now.... my computer is going to crash if i try any more at once but if you ask nicely i would be glad to add more.

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