Aloy (n0cturnal_craze) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Ok, a question.

Hey guys.

I'm talking to a friend who's a hairstylist in training (first year, finishing up her finals at the moment), and we got around to talking about dreads. She asked me if I could show her lish's website, so I did.
Then she said that lish was completely wrong - I'm ... wow. I really have no comment right now. From all of the dreads I've seen lish start, they've all had WONDERFUL results. Then she goes on to dis the prodecure on how lish dyes hair. (She says that it all should be left up to professionals - and obviously lish has had a lot of experince and all of the pictures I've seen are really wonderful, honestly.) She also asked me if lish had a license - I said I had no idea because I haven't seen anything about it anywhere and I don't want to assume. I don't mean you any offence, Lish, but I just was really taken aback by her snappy reply on IM and I had no idea how to reply to all of her comments.

She tells me that the proper way to start dreads is to use beeswax. I know - I'm not a dreadhead, but I'm trying to plan something so lish could dread my hair - that wax is bad. I'm just typing out this entry here because I'm completely CONFUSED right now. I know she goes to school (that school she attends imo is a shitty school; I had a really bad experince with a haircut from one of the stylists in training, so did a few of my friends), and is learning about all those things.

I just want some honest answers here, from people who actually have experince with this sort of things because my friend has only been in school for a short period of time (less than a year) and acts like a know-it-all.

I can delete this journal if it isn't permitted here.

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