Geeky Valkyrie (geminibalance) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Geeky Valkyrie

It's my turn to have the newbie freak-out. :(

I watched this community something around a year before I finally started my dreads. I wanted to see the good, the bad, and the ugly before I decided if this was right for me. In that time, I saw many, many newbies post about "ZOMG! My hair is doing this weird thing! Is that normal? Will they be okay? Waaaauuuugh!!" Inevitably, the comments were filled with messages of "Calm down. Your hair looks beautiful! Don't worry, they'll lock up with time." (I love the easy-going, supportive, and uplifting atmosphere here!) In time, I learned that there is little to be afraid of when it comes to baby locks. They'll fuzz, they'll unravel a bit, they'll point in strange directions, etc., but they'll likely lock up just fine with time.

Yes, well.

Now that I'm the newbie, everything seems more intense. I find myself scrutinizing my own head in the mirror, wondering if my hair will ever stop doing this weird thing, and is that normal? Will they be okay? Wwaaaaaaauuugh! My logic brain remembers the cool, relaxed wisdom of "Just let 'em be. They'll be fine with time!" but I'm still a little wigged out.

So now it's my turn to ask for reassurance and advice. I'm worried my babies will never grow to be as beautiful as so many I've seen here. :/

First, a couple of photos from Das Club last Friday. Please excuse the belly; it was cold as hell outside, but too warm in the club so I tucked my shirt up into my brazziere. ;D

The locks that frame my face are locking up just dandy. There's a zillion pieces of straight, unlocked hair that keep pulling out and fuzzing up, but I know I'll be able to ball 'em up and pull 'em down inside nearby locks someday. I'm not too worried about the front.

The back is another story entirely. There's maybe an inch of dreaded hair remaining at the root of each lock we started, but the rest has come completely undone. I was re-backcombing the tips as needed, but Lish said that was a bad idea. They've now been 2 weeks with only palm rolling. I wash (carefully pouring cups of soapy water over my head, same procedure to rinse) about once a week.

Ha, it's incredibly difficult to photograph the back of your head. I'm proud of this li'l gem!

Before locking, my hair was... well, virgin. I never use curling irons or blow dryers. I don't use product of any kind. I was a shampoo, condition, air dry, ponytail kinda gal. I guess I'm worried that my hair is too slick to dread, that it will all come undone, and that all the effort and hope I've put into these babies will add up to naught.

I've heard of hair dreading from root to tip. If the roots stay dreaded in the back, will everything be okay someday?

Hah... sorry for the freak out.
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