amandaveggie (amandaveggie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

To dread or not to dread?

Hi everybody!
So ever since I saw a lady in San Fransisco ( 2 years ago or something ) with dreads, I have considered dreading my hair.
My sister (girlecho26) has dreads now, and that has made me want them even more.
I'm planning to do it in the end of May because I am in High School, and I would rather have them mature over summer break.
My hair is wavy/curly so I'm thinking my hair would dread pretty easily.
I think I'm going to have the same lady who did my sister's dreads do mine, but I have some questions first:
My hair is layered in 3 layers, the shortest one about 6 inches. This wouldn't be a problem, right?
Also, does anyone know how much shorter my length would be, or is that a wait and see kind of thing?
Here are some pictures of my hair right now....[it'll get a couple inches longer before may though]

Thanks for your help!

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