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Help? Opinions please.

My sister sat down with me on Christmas and dreaded my hair all evening.

It was supposed to be a very fun bonding sort of thing for us, especially since she lives a few hours away and I rarely see her. I did my first set of dreads and was happy with them until they got all burned up in an accident at work ( long story short: they were tied back and in a hankercheif but I was repairing the oven and someone turned it on, I ducked out of the oven quickly and one dread caught on a coil and they all started to singe and burn. I cut them off.) So yeah, I know what my hair is capable of, dreadwise. I was really excited about getting my second set started.

There's always a but to these kinds of stories, though. BUT- my sister got into an impatient mood while doing my hair and since I totally trusted her I didn't keep a hand mirror on me to check on them. She's done sets for people before that turned out nicely, so I happily talked to her and let her do her thing. Instead of doing small, nice dreads she made incredibly wide dreads. I have pretty thick hair and all together I have 16 dreads, three of which I did myself at the front that are small and the size I wanted them all to be. She also 'crocheted' it, which to her meant looping through near the root and making knots with the crochet hook. She only half backcombed some and then TIED A KNOT to 'keep it from undoing' and didn't go back to them.

I have spent a lot of time since they were done trying to fix them. I've done a lot of work but there is a whole ton of loose hair and I'm not even sure what to do with these fatties. They are huge! She just grabbed a handful of my top layer and dreaded these big sections into one so that the top of my head has just a few, awful dreads. I'm not sure what else I can do to fix them. I love how they feel when they're down but they look so messy and chunky and just... bad. There's so much loose hair but it's all around my dreads and tangling and there isn't enough in each place to just make baby dreads out of them. I'm at a loss as to what to do.

A friend of mine offered, as an early birthday present, to take me to a stylist she likes who is very good with doing short hair cuts. I figured I'd post some pictures here and see if you folks thought these could be redeemed at all. They're way too tight to comb out, my sister at least got that part right. I just don't know what to do at this point. I had the underside of my hair bleached and dyed orange and there's so few dreads at the back that there's just this big space of orange that you see, all tangly looking and bad. Just... bad.

Not bad from the front, but..

The back:


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