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This was the state of my hair around the last time I posted ...

I think I'm done with the bright colours for now, though. I dunno, I am just over it all of a sudden. I love the colour, but I myself cannot be bothered to keep up with the maintenance since it fades so quickly (especially red)! I also thought I should make a bit of an effort to look a bit more normal (if that's the word) since I'll be going on placements for uni soon ... so I dyed it back to the half black half brown I did the last time:

On a more exciting note, I started dreads in my friend Kristen's hair back in early December. She has really soft, fine hair, which took some serious backcombing to get it knotted. She came over last night so I could fix up a few at the back that had come completely undone (bringing with her some yummy pasta and raisin toast). I couldn't post pics until now, because I wanted to ask Kris' permission before I did so, so without further ado ...

Baby dread number one:

A couple of hours later ... all done:

Last night:

I told her about gudu, so maybe she'll post here herself at some point ...

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