paran0idpixie (paran0idpixie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

after doing a deep clean for my dreads in the sink last night, i remembered something

when you dunk your hair into the water, oxygen/air bubbles, as microscopic as they might be, will obviously try to rise and escape the dreads,  just as lifting soaked hair out of the water should draw fresh air into the dreads from the gravity of the liquid dropping into the sink... in the same way the stale air from the soil of potted plants is replaced with fresh air when you fill a water tray, let the plant soak in the tray, and lift it out, the gravity pull created by the excess water draining out the bottom pulls fresh air in from the top...

When you imagine that kind of movement could happen deep inside your dread from dunking for a while, and lifting them out, letting the water run, and then dunking again, over and over. All the tiny air bubbles would be creating movement inside dreads, with air being forced out, and being sucked in again...

basic laws of physics i think..

i just wonder...

what do you think?



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