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3 months!

My dreads will be 3 months on Saturday, but i am uber bored right now. :]

A bit image-heavy

so here is a short mini timeline. my babies have shrunk a great deal, and i'm loving the shortness of them. there are a few of them that are really loose in the root area, but i am leaving them alone and not really fiddling with them much. i'm washing them maybe twice a week, and palm rolling after.

this was the first day they were done
i was really excited! haha

the braid was wrapped about a week later.

about 2 weeks in

this one shows the length at one month

two months

about two weeks ago i combed out three dreads in the front that i really didn't like. you can see two of the offenders here.

and my aunt made me the best present ever!

and today they are maddd short

i hope all of you GUDUer's have a wonderful Thursday :]
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