juny476 (juny476) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

There are two things I want to do to my hair:
Condition it
Dye a few of them like a rainbow

My dreads have been feeling extra scratchy and crunchy lately so I was thinking of using a recipe from the memories (1/4 cup olive oil + 1/4 cup hot water) Do you think this would work out ok?

I'm kinda hoping that Lish will see this post and tell me if it's plausible to dye dreads like that. I've read her webpage about it but what I'm really going for here is some magical insight.

I've read the memories.
I'm looking for pearls of wisdom.
And if I missed anything in the memories feel free to direct me to it.

My dreads are around six months now. There are some bare spots in the sides that I try not to let bother me too much. And some loose hair that I'm just gonna leave be.



left side

back again

upside down

I like this one because it looks like my hair knows what it's doing but my face is confused.

This is how I would dye it.
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