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Darn near close to 2 months.

I have infrequent bursts of posting, which gives you a taste of my schedule haha. But anyways.. my little lockies will be 2months around February 9th.. but that just so happens to be smack dab in between my son's 1st Birthday party and his actual 1st Birthdate so I'm posting now because I know I'll forget later.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments you always give me, I swear I'm gonna be more active in comments, I do read pretty much every post on here. So without further ado..

These I just took a few minutes ago for the post. Sorry for the grainyness.. handycams are excellent for getting good non-myspace angle pictures of yourself when you lack a tripod.

I have no clue what's going on right there.. either side of my head is doing it's own little weird anarchistic thing right now.

These are from a few days ago, fresh out of the shower. Man I love that Tea Tree Oil Dr. Bronners. I should have gotten the big bottle...

Hey guys, it's the "Lock Ness Monster". -rimshot-

Those two are from about right behind my bangline.. they are so locked and knotty at the roots that I frequently find myself idly touching the bases... it's like an instant cheer booster to know they're knotting up nice and solidly. :]

Finally, this is how I wear my hair to school most days to keep it off my neck.. my classrooms are always sweltering.

It's just a high ponytail using one of those metal-less hair ties just slipped on there once so there isn't too much pressure on the locks. You can also see my tattoo a little in that picture(the cross is actually my necklace that I flipped to the back so the babykins didn't rip it off my neck), I love it.. I just got it colored in. It's the data ports based on Motoko Kusanagi's from Ghost in the Shell. I've been an anime nerd since my cousin got me to watch Slayers when I was 9 so that tattoo, to me, is like a nod to all the people I've met and the years I've spent going to conventions and making friends because of anime. I met my best friend on a Florida Anime Forum, actually.. there's also a deeper meaning based on the storyline of Motoko's character and all that but I've gone waaaay off on a tangent already. Thanks for looking! Lots of knotty love all around and I hope everyone is enjoying the colder weather! :]

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