Allison (milklovescereal) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Places to get dredded? places not to? etc.

Allo I'm kinda new here, and I've basically been lurking up until now. I looked through the memories, and thought it would be helpful if there was somewhere that everyone would suggest a salon or a person from home that does dreds that they would recommend, and who they wouldn't recommend, for each area. basically a list of people/salons that are good with dreds either creating-wise or maintainence-wise. EDIT: I didn't read the memories well enough! =P

The reason I ask this is because I am moving back home to Toronto this summer, and want to do my dreds again. I miss them alot, and since I started reading up on the memories here, have learned alot about what I was doing wrong, like keeping them up all the time, not seperating them in the shower (barely seperating them at all actually) and having someone who didn't know what they were doing, sectioning. (My friend sectioned for me, apparantly, horribly, while I did the backcombing.)
I thought I had researched pretty throughly before I started, but I guess I didn't.
It would be nice to know someone in the area I will soon be living in to pay for anything I can't do myself. (mostly just the backcombing and sectioning part.)

So, I chopped off my hair. bad choice. but they were pretty matted at the roots and were starting to become beaver-tailesque, I didn't even want to think of the pain of brushing them all out.

So now my hair is pretty short, and I want dreads as soon as my hair gets a little past my shoulders. It grows pretty fast, so I'm not worried.
some pics of when I DID have my dreds, and one of me playing with the one I saved, Lol. The first one isn't so attractive, but I don't have many photos that show off my dreds.

If you got your dreads done by someone you would or wouldn't reccomend in your area (state that specifically!), or if you know someone who got dreads done/maintained, what is the name of the place, possibly address or number, and location? (only post info of private persons with permission from them.) You can post yourself if you really want to, but discretion is advised. your putting your info on the interwebs for anyone to see. Average price would be nice if you know what it may cost.

Something like this would be awesome to have in the memories.
If you post info, I can put as a list here, or in a new post only about locations.

EDIT: If this has already been done before or if mods want, you can take it down. Just thought it would be a good idea :]

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