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Hi there !! *waves*

I've been reading this journal for a while now, and I decided to join.
I'm from Belgium so please tell me if my english is crappy (which is always :) )
I'm 16 (almost 17 though) and I've been a proud dreadhead for about a year and 2 months now :) I must say, that there were a lot of days when I thought of cutting my hair because my dreads looks really awfull, but thankfully there were a lot of good days too so I can still call myself a dreadhead now :D

Today isn't one of my good days though, I washed my dreads yesterday and every time I do that, they seem to tangle at the roots (which really hurts 'cus I need to pull them apart :S) My mom isn't quite fond of them either (but I don't care ;) )

So, I guess that this was my introduction post thingy, if you got any questions, ask away, and I'll probably post piccies of my dreads pretty soon :)

Bubye *waves* :)

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