toddidi (toddidi) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Fed up with me ends!

well i'm nearing 7 months and getting a bit fustrated now.
After our poor attempt at backcombing it all fell out and its took a long time to get the hair to resemble anything approaching dreads but its slowly has got there, well most of it.
I am having trouble with my ends... or i say ends its about the last half inch on most and up to 1 1/2 inches on some dreads. I posted back early/mid december as i was really chuffed with them because for once they had started resembling dreads and they haven't changed since well the dreaded bits have got tighter.....
I realise patience is the key but there hasn't been any movement since and i'm getting a but fustrated.
The ends are really scraggy and i've started back to work (so far just a few disapproving looks from above.... :) ) but they are too short to tie up properly and too scraggy to wear on view and my hair is hurting from being shoved away in a scarf.

The parts that are dreaded are nice and hard and tight... probably a bit too hard in some bits!
I realise people say not to re-back comb but is there anything i can do to try and hurry these along? any crocheting method? anything? or have i just got to bite the bullet and wait.......

Also i'm just wondering about peoples dread eveness. ... they all look very even on the pics but they can be deceptive.
when my hair was locking it formed huge loops and in some cases kind of folded in on itself so there was large lumps mainly around the bottom half where these loops were. They have evened out a little but on some dreads they seem to have tiny root and then get bigger and wider to a big lump nearer the bottom (and then of course the scraggy end). Will these even out or is this normal?
I don't have any breakage as i don't do much maintainence. a bit of palmrolling is my limit but the roots seem so small it looks like they are hanging by a thread even though it is all intact hair.

i've included a pic from early december because text only is boring. i'm at work so can't post any new ones. they look the same but just with scraggier ends and faded dye! :)


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