sere118 (sere118) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

some pictures : )

So I have a ton of fun pictures on my camera but I somehow lost the cord for it (I always thought it was weird when people lost their cords, like I assumed they stayed pretty stationary plugged into your computer most of the time.  But alas here I am, lost cord and all, so I totally understand now.)  Anyways, here are some I took with my webcam cause I was bored : )

Sorry about the wonky coloring (especially in that last one).  The lamp shade was off and it made me glow : )
Not sure I'm crazy about my color right now.  When I was home over the break my brother out of the blue said "you need to dye your hair" and my first thought was whaa?  Then he explained that as long as I have dreads I should dye them some crazy colors.  Not sure what the plan is now, but I'm thinking maybe a lighter brown / blonde and then maybe some fun colors in there somewhere, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon, probably this summer when I have more time to stress about my hair-- looking at my crazy messy roots I'm sure you can tell I don't do a lot of maintenance : P

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