pacific_eyes (pacific_eyes) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

SO my hair haveth grown muchly. I have also shaved a fair bit more off of the side, some dreads having been pulling bald on the hairline through . The couple of dreads which were there, the roots were too tight and they hurt me. I have a little bald spot where they were pulling. You can see the bald spot at the top of my hair line....bad sectioning and too much fiddling with my hair. I am making a concious decision to stop faffing around with my dreads or I fear I will lose many more.
They have grown alot, they still look very whispy, though I think that may be my hair type and the fact that I wash them every week.
But who cares, they're mine and they still make me smile. One day I will shave my head, I think it will happen soonish, I'm just becoming obsessed with how I'd look bald.
the bald bits

I wear my hair up for work,

and if i was bald i may look something like this
love to you all, hope you are safe, warm, dry and scruffy headed :)

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