lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

journalface sent me some lovely warm stuff she made - two hats from a merino/cashmere blend, & a wrap from merino. they're beautifully constructed & super soft, & of course i'm going to show them off. my dreads are fifteen months old now.

i like how this pigtail hat makes my dreads almost heart-shaped from the back.

initially i thought her design for this hat wouldn't work since the holes seem to be kind of low, but it gives me pigtails in pretty much just where i'd want them to still be able to walk through doorways - a bit further back & not straight out. very nice.

next, the full hat. i'm shocked & pleased that it fits.

& finally, the solid wrap. it has two different sides of patterning (shown here right & left). it'll take some experimenting to find out if one side has more stability for wear at my nape.

thanks again, katie!
(& if anyone sees these on her etsy, don't sweat it - i told her already she can steal them for advertising if she likes. :D )

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