Tavia (kitschyhippie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

One Day Old

I had to do them by myself & it was a bit of a challenge. I can foresee a lot of palmrolling in my future. But I'm so excited, that after years of talking about it ... I've finally started them! I need to recruit someone to redo a few in the back though for sure.

I also have a question: My hair is a lot finer than I thought, so the ends are pretty wispy. I'm planning on holding off on the washing for at least a week [if not more] & rolling the hell out of it in the meantime. This will help them hold better, right? Also, during this time, what can I do to 'freshen' my hair [like from cooking smells, smoke, etc.]? Is that what the salt water spray is for?

Any helpful comments/suggestions are appreciated. ♥

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