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Hot Damn

OK, so I just received the hat lishd sold me today.

IT WAS FAR BETTER THAN I EVER IMAGINED. Taking it out of the package I thought, "Oh Lish, come on. There's no damn way this itty bitty hat is going to fit over my big head o' dreads!" Just so you all know, I have a hard time wearing hats because my head (even without dreads) isn't standard hat size. However, I'd seen the pic Lish had posted, I knew better...

Not only did the hat fit, but my dreads swept up into it PERFECTLY. This is the BEST dread accessory I have ever owned. It's ideal for people who aren't good with hair and need something classy right away.

So, positive feedback to you, Lish, and for 4 reasons. 1. This hat rules 2. It's perfect for dread wearers 3. It's clean and was as described and 4. You've told us about this hat site repeatedly.

Do you have any hats left? :D THANK YOU!!

Pix forthcoming!
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