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Probably not dial-up friendly.



My friends(clockwise; Liz, me, Alicia, June) from NEPA came to visit. We ended up going to DC to see the Smithsonian and Washington monument and Lincoln memorial.   

They had an orchid exhibate at the Smithsonian. =D


This would be my best friend, she has about 11 dreads scattered about her head. She used to be a member here, she's been growing her hair out and is planning on dreading up completely when it's longer. =)
I got my tattoo finished up over the weekend as well. (James Hughes from Bethesda Tattoo Company did it. He was amazing and he is a really great guy too.) 
    Finished product! I absolutely love it to death. 
Just for fun, this is what my dreads looked like at about one month. They've shrunken up a lot. 



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