Crystal Foster (crystalfoster) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Crystal Foster

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Merrt Christmas!

Whoo. I heart you all. Season tidings. I was in the city yesterday and some strange man was wandering the streets screaming Merry Christmas, Season Greetings,Etc. He appeared to be homeless? maybe? Anyways he made my whole Christmas. He even blew me a kiss. I was excited. Now thats what Christmas is all about. Today I worked hard all day and undid my dreads. There is a couple still lingering. My dreads were only a week old. I want to dye my hair red. I am going to do so and not use the conditioner. Then return my dreads. I assumed dying dreads would be difficult and chose what I believe so be the simple path. Correct me if I'm wrong. That's my story.
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