F.M. Draco (fumandraco) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
F.M. Draco

Second Set

So I have decided against the wishes of friends and family members to get dreads again...


when you tell people that your getting dreads the reaction ive gotten so far has been negative...then i have to quickly educate by letting them know its just hair, you can wash it. this still didn't shy me away from my favorite hairstyle, just got them 2 weeks ago and i am already in love with these guys

ive lurked a few years ago on my first set..this community has been a huge help. but a quick question that i couldn't find in the memories...ive used h2ocean on my piercings a few times and a almost full bottle just hangs out in the cabinet, im thinking i could give a spray on my dreads but just wanted to see if anyone else has tried it

now for more photos

at work.

and first set a few years back.

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