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Hellooo beautiful people of GUDU land
I dont have dreads just yet, i am having a bit of trouble finding somebody to do them for me. None of my friends want to incase they ruin my hair, which is understandable. I am getting impatient, i have been waiting for my dreads for so long! So i have been thinking of just doing them myself, but im not sure how it will go. I was wondering, how many of you did your own dreads and how difficult it was? Im thinking im going to struggle to section it. And im kind of worried im going to do them, and then hate them. I need you guys to give me the motivation! I have been reading memories, but id like to hear any and all personal feedback!!

While im here, a photo of my beautiful friends babies.

I love all his wraps! And all the bottle caps, cryastals, shells, etc he has attached in there. Makes them so much more fun to play with :D

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