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dialogue ...and some much needed advise...HELP!!!

um., probably not the best topic to post here, but....

i've had my locks for 7 years now, they are beautiful, i get lotsa compliments, but the wrong kind....because i'm african-american, my long locks are considered some sort of political statement at best, at worst as some sort of militant black-power visual signal...i'm tired of people assuming my politics and cultural identitiy based on soemthing as simple as hair

or, even worse, people compliment me on how "nice" and "neat" and "clean" my locks look (the longer my locks have gotten, the more orderly they've become, even though i started out just letting them dread at will)

i imagine that many of the non-black members of this community chose to lock as an affirmation of that part inside you that rebels against conformity/"fitting in"

that same spirit is what leads me (after about 6 months of consideration) to get rid of my locks, i just wanna 'fro it up and let it grow huge and wild like i feel inside, ya know?

i would love to see a dialogue about this? am i the only blackgrrrrl that feels thia way? or is it the same having longer locks, regardless of race?

also, i would like to have my big a$$ 'fro now, so i'm contemplating combing out my hair? has anyone ever done this? if so, how? do you have to use any special products? how long does it take? is there a technique?

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