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My baby dreads are officially two weeks old and I'm loving them.  The right side of my head seems to be locking up faster while the left side feels like its having a party.  I have some fine baby hairs at the side near my ears that just doesnt want to knot up and I'm not gonna force it since they'll just break off (i know this from experience)   This is my forth attempt and I love this one more than all the other combined!  I do have some questions and forgive me if they're silly.....
I have some Lily of the Desert Aloe and I guess it expired one year ago and I'm thinking its pertaining to ingesting it but I would like to know if it would hurt to use it in my hair?  There's quite a bit and I would hate to just discard it.
Second:  I read in the memories under bleaching/dying Lishs how to on dying dread but the one thing that really caught my eye was the elasticity of the individual hairs.  How much is too much elasticity?  Is some elasticty common in everyones hair or just damaged hair?  If this were my undreaded hair I woulndt think twice about dying my hair but with dreads I am.  I would hate to damage the strands and have them weaken and break off.  I didn't see this specific question addressed in the memories so I thought I'd ask.  FYI I want to dye my hair red not bleach it or anything if that makes a difference.  Thanks again!
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