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dream dream dream dream dreadie dreadie dream

ive been thinking about it for a while now, and i determined that i really want to get dreads done :) i dont really know (and if i do i dont trust) any friends/acquaintances to dread me so i am going to go and ask the only hairdresser ive heard does dreads on this little island and see how much of my christmas money she wants :) mum just wrinkled her nose at the idea which is a REALLY good sign since i dont want shite from her and she did the same wrinkling nosie thing for me dying my hair..
thats a question i have...how difficult is it to dye dreads? at the moment i have a purple and black head of hair, purple all round my head and black in the middle..would it be really hard to dye my hair once i have dreads? dunnoo plus a couple of random purple ones melded into the chunk of black would look nice i reckon *ponders*
most of my friends are really unsure of the idea, one of my friends noted that she couldnt imagine me in dreads AND my big buckle high heel black boots...*snigger* we will just have to see
i really hope i manage to get them done, and any info on dying the dreadies would be muchas appreciated..ive been reading this community's posts for a while now and i feel quite clued up now and there are so many people with gorgeous dreads :)
*cant wait to join you all in dread heaven*
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